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March 2, 2020


Dear Shadowfax Bridge Club Friends and all our supporters who make our club possible:


We can’t picture a better environment for passing around an airborne virus than a bridge club.  And we can’t see any good news to make us think that the virus won’t be all around us very soon.  I don’t want Shadowfax to be a catalyst that brings  problems to our valuable but vulnerable bridge players. 


So to protect you all and to protect ourselves, temporarily we will close Shadowfax Bridge Club.  Maybe we can create an online club.. let’s see.  But given the proximity and the normal player movements required for duplicate at the club, we just don’t think it is wise to stay open.  We all travel, and now travel to a different town can spread the infection to everyone with no symptoms to warn people.  Hand washing and masks and ‘staying away if you are sick’ just won’t cut it with this nasty intruder into our lives. 


We wish the best of health to everyone and a quick return to Shadowfax ASAP.   


From Tom and Laureen




Welcome to the ShadowfaxBridge Club, the Friendly Bridge Club

Currently, we have weekly open games on Wednesday and Friday at 10:00am.  Bring your lunch.  No reservations required.  $10

We also have a 499er game on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30.  No reservations required.  $10


Check Web site for closing for bad weather.  

Beginners welcome... we will help you get started and arrange partnerships.  Private and group lessons available, certified bridge instruction.

Club telephone number 908-879-3895

Partnerships and life master partnerships are always guaranteed at SHADOWFAX.  .



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